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Coplin Staining Jar, Function And Usage

Staining jars are used to stain specimens such as bacteria, cells and tissues on microscope slides. Without proper staining, most specimens are just a clear substance not easy to observe and study.
staining jar
1, Microscope slides smeared with bacterial specimens such as sputum, tissue fluid, and secretions are inserted into the grooves of the staining jar. 

2, Gram staining is usually used, the specimen is dyed with a basic dye crystal violet or gentian violet dye. 

3, Then an iodine solution is added to fix the dye on the specimen, use alcohol to make a part of the positive bacteria decolorized, transfer the slides to another dyeing tank of the red dye to perform the second dyeing. 

4, Any bacteria that are dyed purple are called Gram-negative bacteria. Any bacteria that can be decolorized by alcohol and dyed red is called Gram-positive bacteria. 

5,Finally, wash away the excess dye on the slide with water, and the bacterial state, bacterial flagella, and cytoplasm could be observed by microscope (because the unstained flagella and the bud bacteria are transparent and difficult to observe the whole picture). By Using staining the specimen, it rendar us identify the type to which the bacteria belong.
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