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Porcelain Incinerating Dishes

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Porcelain Incinerating Dishes, Combustion Tray

Unit price(50x28x15): US $ 0.3/ Piece
2000 pieces/carton
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Porcelain incinerating dishes (Combustion tray), rectangular, can withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C, stable with large flat unglazed base, chemical-resistant to acids and bases materials. Porcelain incinerating dish is mainly used on analysis of carbon and sulfur content on iron ore. Porcelain incinerating dishe is suitable for the test of the volatile matter of the lighter mineral samples, a replacement to Volatile Matter Crucible.
Alumina incineration dishes (Alumina Combustion tray) are availble, for higher working temperature up to 1600°C.
  Top (Length x width) Pcs/carton
Ash content dishes 45x22mm 2000
50x28mm 2000
60x30mm 1500
90x60mm 300
80x40mm 300
120x60mm 300
Porcelain incinerating dishes
Incinerating dishes
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