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Clay triangle

  • Product item:GG032
  • Product price:US $ 0.6 / Piece
Clay triangle

Unit price(55mm): US $ 0.6 / Piece
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Clay triangle (pipeclay triangle) is a piece of laboratory equipment used to support a porcelain crucible being heated by a Bunsen burner (or Brass Blast Burner, glass alcohol burner). It is used in conjunction with other lab equipment to create a stable framework to heat in high temperature. Clay triangle is usually placed on a tripod stand when using. Unlike wire gauze, which mainly supports glassware such as glass beakers, flasks, or evaporating dishes and provides indirect heat transfer to the glassware, the clay triangle normally supports a crucible and allows the flame to heat the crucible directly. The triangular shape allows rounded crucibles of various sizes to rest in a stable way.
Model Pipe length(mm) Pieces/carton
1 55 200
2 65 200
3 75 200
Clay triangle
Clay triangle
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