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PTFE Buchner Funnel

  • Product item:PW005-1
  • Product price:US $ 75 / Piece
PTFE Buchner Funnel, Filter Funnel

Unit price(80mm): US $ 75 / Piece
Delivery fee is not included

PTFE Buchner Funnel (or Filter funnel), made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and chemical resistant to most acidic, alkaline and corrosive materials. PTFE Buchner Funnel is applicable for filteration by using vacuum or negative pressure suction. Porcelain buchner Funnel is a substitute with lower price, but not suitable for some alkaline solutions / experiments.
Model Top Diameter
1 50mm
2 60mm
3 70mm
4 80mm
5 90mm
6 100mm
7 120mm
8 150mm
PTFE Buchner Funnel
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