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PP Plastic Centrifuge Tube

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  • Product price:US $ 2 / pack
PP Plastic Centrifuge Tube

Unit price(1.5ml centrifuge tube): US $ 2 / pack (1000pcs/pack)
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Plastic Centrifuge Tubes, made of polypropylene (PP) are used to contain liquid samples during centrifugation, liquid sample is placed in a centrifuge tube under high-speed rotation. Due to the huge centrifugal force generated by centrifuge machine, the suspended tiny particles (such as organelles, biological macromolecules, etc.) settle at a certain speed, thereby separating them from the solution. Most centrifuge tubes have conical bottoms, which help collect any solid or heavier parts of the sample being centrifuged. For low speed centrifuge machine, glass centrifuge tubes are also applicable.
  Product Diameter Length Cap Bottom Graduation Pack
1 0.1ml centrifuge tube 7mm 17mm Snap cap Conical No 1000pcs
2 0.2ml centrifuge tube (PCR) 6.2mm 22mm Snap cap Conical No 1000pcs
3 0.5ml centrifuge tube 8mm 32mm Snap cap Conical Yes 1000pcs
4 1.5ml centrifuge tube 10mm 41mm Snap cap Conical Yes 500pcs
5 2ml centrifuge tube 11mm 45mm Snap cap Round Yes 500pcs
6 5ml centrifuge tube 13mm 53mm Snap cap Round Yes 300pcs
7 7ml centrifuge tube 14mm 6.25mm Snap cap Round Yes 200pcs
8 10ml centrifuge tube 15.1mm 82.2mm Snap cap Round Yes 200pcs
9 10ml centrifuge tube 16mm 102mm Plug cap Round No 100pcs
10 10ml centrifuge tube 16mm 104mm Screw cap Conical Yes 100pcs
11 10ml centrifuge tube 15.5mm 101.5mm Screw cap Round Yes 100pcs
12 15ml centrifuge tube 18mm 98mm Snap cap Round Yes 100pcs
13 15ml centrifuge tube 17mm 118mm Screw cap Conical Yes 100pcs
14 15ml centrifuge tube 15mm 116mm Screw cap Round Yes 100pcs
15 20ml centrifuge tube 21mm 110mm Plug cap Round Yes 100pcs
16 25ml centrifuge tube 23mm 101mm Screw cap Round Yes 50pcs
17 50ml centrifuge tube 28mm 116mm Screw cap Conical Yes 50pcs
18 50ml centrifuge tube 28mm 106mm Screw cap Round Yes 50pcs
19 50ml centrifuge tube 28mm 116mm Screw cap Self standing Yes 50pcs
20 50ml centrifuge tube 27.5mm 103mm Plug cap Round Yes 50pcs
21 100ml centrifuge tube 38mm 114mm Screw cap Round Yes 30pcs
22 100ml centrifuge tube 38mm 107mm Plug cap Round No 30pcs
Centrifuge Tube
PP Plastic Centrifuge Tube
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