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Magnesium Oxide Crucible

  • Product item:GG033
  • Product price:US $ 15 / Piece
Magnesium Oxide Crucible, MgO Crucible

Unit price(18x50mm): US $ 15 / Piece
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Magnesium Oxide Crucible (MgO crucible) is made from basic material (Magnesium Oxide),with excellent resistance to attack by alkali metals (while alumina crucible will be corroded by alkaline matters in high temperature). Magnesium Oxide Crucible can be used for smelting non-ferrous metals and precious metals, such as gold, platinum, rhodium, iridium and vacuum melting of high-purity radioactive metals uranium, thorium alloy, iron and its alloys.
Magnesium Oxide Crucible has good mechanical strength and operates well when uniformly heated or cooled and thermal shock is avoided. It offers better performance comparing to Alumina crucible , being stable to 2200C (specified condition)。
  Size (outer, mm) Volume  
1 53x35x26 30ml Cubic
2 60x30x20 20ml
3 60x40x30 45ml
4 80x50x25 70ml
5 Φ18*32 4ml Cylindrical
6 Φ18*50 7ml
7 Φ25*28 7ml
8 Φ27*32 10ml
9 φ27*60 21ml
10 φ30*33 15ml
11 Φ33*35 16ml
12 Φ37*55 35ml
13 Φ41*50 45ml
14 Φ41*60 50ml
15 Φ41*70 60ml
16 Φ43*75 65ml
17 Φ45*75 73ml
18 Φ50*100 120ml
19 Φ50*80 100ml
20 Φ53*115 200ml
21 Φ57*72 130ml
22 Φ60*72 160ml
23 Φ62*120 270ml
24 Φ95*40 200ml
25 Φ95*70 370ml
26 Φ95*100 550ml
Magnesium Oxide Crucible
MgO Crucible
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