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Cylindrical alumina crucible, corundum crucible

  • Product item:GG002
  • Product price:US $ 1.5 / Piece
Cylindrical alumina crucible, corundum crucible

Unit price(20ml, 35x30mm): US $ 1.5 / Piece
Delivery fee is not included

Alumina crucibles (or corundum crucible, aluminum oxide >99%) . Highly resistant to chemical attack. Recommended for chemists, metallurgists and others involved in high temperature work demanding contamination free results. 
High temperature resistance,1600C in long time use,1800C in short time.
  Volume Diameter x Height   Volume Diameter x Height
1 1ml 11x20mm 16 120ml 50x80mm
2 3ml 16x28mm 17 150ml 50x100mm
3 5ml 28x17mm 18 200ml 60x100mm
4 5ml 14x45mm 19 250ml 60x120mm
5 8ml 16x56mm 20 300ml 70x100mm
6 10ml 20x50mm 21 300ml 80x80mm
7 10ml 30x28mm 22 300ml 95x60mm
8 15ml 23x60mm 23 400ml 75x120mm
9 20ml 35x30mm 24 400ml 70x120mm
10 30ml 40x35mm 25 500ml 85x140mm
11 45ml 35x70mm 26 600ml 100x100mm
12 60ml 40x70mm 27 800ml 115x110mm
13 80ml 75x27mm 28 800ml 80x200mm
14 85ml 50x60mm 29 1000ml 115x155mm
15 120ml 90x35mm      
alumina crucible
Lab crucible
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