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Test Tube With Side Tube

  • Product item:LG036
  • Product price:US $ 1 / Piece
Test Tube With Side Tube  (Top)

Unit price(20x200mm): US $ 1 / Piece
Delivery fee is not included

Test tube with side tube is a laboratory glassware which a size tube is installed on an ordinary test tube (near the mouth).
1, A well-sealed test tube with side tube is equivalent to an ordinary test tube with a single hole plug. 
2, Gas washing (work as Gas washing bottle)
3, A simple Kipp's apparatus
  O.D. Length
1 10mm 100mm
2 15mm 150mm
3 18mm 180mm
4 20mm 200mm
5 20mm 300mm
6 25mm 200mm
7 25mm 300mm
8 30mm 200mm
9 30mm 300mm
test tube with side tube
test tube with side tube
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