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Round Bottom Flasks, Three Neck

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  • Product price:US $ 7 / piece
Round Bottom Flasks, Three Neck

Unit price(500ml 24x24x24): US $ 7 / piece
Delivery fee is not included

Round-bottom flask (borosilicate glass, single neck), one of the most widely used laboratory glassware, mainly used for heating or receiving(also called distilling flasks and receiving flasks). Round-bottom flask, glass condenser, glass adapter, alcohol burner, erlenmeyer flasks, retort stand, Retort ring and lab clamp will constitute a distillation apparatus for pefect use.
Cork stands are needed to keep the round bottom flasks upright. When in use, round-bottom flasks are commonly held at the neck by lab clamps and retort ring on a retort stand.Depends on the quantity of neck, there are single neck round bottom flask, Two-neck round bottom flask, Three-neck round bottom flask, Four-neck round bottom flask.
Volume Mouth (Main, side, side)
5ml 14x14x14    
10ml 14x14x14 19x14x14 19x19x19
25ml 19x19x19 24x24x24  
50ml 14x14x14 19x19x19 24x24x24
100ml 19x19x19 24x19x19 24x24x24
250ml 19x19x19 24x19x19 24x24x24
500ml 24x19x19 24x24x24  
1000ml 24x24x24    
2000ml 24x24x24    
3000ml 24x24x24    
5000ml 24x24x24 40x24x24  
10000ml 40x24x24    
20000ml 50x24x24    
3 Neck Flask
Three neck Borosilicate Glass Round Bottom Flask
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