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Retort stand (medium)

  • Product item:FJ-014
  • Product price:US $ 4 / Piece
Retort stand, Laboratory Iron Stand (medium)

Unit price: US $ 4 / Piece
100 pieces/carton
Delivery fee is not included
Base: 20x14cm, rod:60x1cm

A retort stand, sometimes called a clamp stand or a ring stand or a lab iron stand, is a piece of laboratory equipment, clamps can be attached to hold other pieces of equipment. For instance, burettes, commonly used for titration experiments, test tubes and flasks. Retort stand is a general piece of lab equipment that can be used to help with holding other equipments and glasswares. For the pieces of metalware such as ring clamps, versatile clamps, 3-prongs clamp, and burette clamps can be attached to retort stands to better hold certain types of glassware.
Retort stand
Laboratory Iron Stand
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