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Pen-type acidity meter model pH100B

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  • Product price:S $ 48 / piece
Pen-type acidity meter model pH100B

Unit price (pH-100B): US $ 48 / piece
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The pH acidity meter works on the principle of a galvanic battery. The electromotive force between the two electrodes of the galvanic battery is based on Nerns's law, which is not only related to the properties of the electrodes, but also to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. There is a corresponding relationship between the electromotive force of the primary battery and the hydrogen ion concentration, and the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration is the pH value.
  pH-10 pH-100 pH-100A pH-100B
Measuring range pH: 0.1-14.0
Temp. 0 - 50°C
pH: 0.01-14.00
Temp. 0 - 50°C
Resolution pH: 0.1
Temp. 0.1°C
pH: 0.01
Temp. 0.1°C
Accuracy pH: ±0.1
Temp. 1°C
pH: ±0.02
Temp. 1°C
pH Calibration pH 25°C
pH 25°C
Working temperature 0-50°C
Powder LR44 x 4, included LR44 x 4, included LR2032 x 4, included LR44 x 4, included
External electrode No No No Yes
ph meter
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