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Mortar and pestle

How to use a mortar and pestle

Step one: Place the materials in the mortar (bowl) in small quantities,
Step two: Use some downward pressure over the food with the pestle (pounder), for hard stuffs, such as peppercorns and even pills, move the pestle back and forth over it with some pressure until it breaks up,
Step three: Turn the pestle in a circular motion around the mortar, maneuvering it back and forth with a bit of pressure over still unbroken pieces.
It doesn't take long to get used to using a mortar and pestle.
Mortar and pestle

How to choose a right mortar and pestle

1, Choose the least absorbent materials when you need purity in what you crush.
2, Choose the most absorbent when you want the flavor to carry on to the next batch that you grind.
3, Choose the size based on the size and quantity of the ingredients

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