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Microscope Eyepiece Ocular Micrometer

  • Product item:CP012
  • Product price:US $ 3.5 / piece
Microscope Eyepiece Ocular Micrometer

Unit price(C2 Ocular Micrometer): US $ 3.5 / piece
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Microscope Graticule is composed of ocular micrometer and stage micrometer (Stage Graticules).
An ocular micrometer(or eyepiece micrometer) is a laboratory glassware that fits in a microscope eyepiece that has a ruled scale, which is used to measure the size of magnified objects.
Model Features Available diameters Packing
C2 Net-shaped eyepiece foot (root 2 ^ n) x L / 200 19mm, 24mm, others 1 piece/box
C3 Foot-shaped eyepiece ruler, 5mm DIV=0.1 mm
C4 Foot-shaped eyepiece ruler, 5mm DIV=0.05 mm
C5 Grid shaped eyepiece, [email protected]
C6 Grid shaped eyepiece, [email protected]
C7 XY coordinates eyepiece, 10mm DIV=0.1 mm
Ocular Micrometer
Ocular Micrometer
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