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Lab jack 20x20cm, stainless steel

  • Product item:FJ021
  • Product price:US $ 9.5 / Piece
  • 10 pieces/carton
Lab jack 20x20cm, stainless steel

Unit price: US $ 9.5 /Piece
Platform: 200mmx200mm
10 pieces/carton, 1.8kg/piece
Delivery fee is not included

Reliable mini lab manual scissor lift table, made of stainless steel.
Lab jacks(lab lifts) is a routine equipment in laboratory, hinged design make the product with high stability and robustness. Mesa to square, strengthen the stainless steel material, impact resistance and
resistance to pollution, ground column is stainless steel material, color, good firmness, thisproduct design is novel, sturdy and durable, our Lab jacks(lab lifts) is indispensable to lab.
Usage A supporting instrument suitable for adjusting object's height and location, 
used in the physics, chemistry and biology laboratory, etc.
How to use Place the lift smoothly, rotate hand wheel to your desired height.
Structure Top plate, bottom plate, rotating axis and wheel, etc.
Maintenance It should be kept clean and stored in a cool, dry and non-corrosive place  after using.
Advantages 1. Use qualified stainless steel or aluminum to make.
2. Novel design, anti-corrosion, faster rise and fall, durable to use.
3. High stability. Surface of the lab jack could bear shaking and pollution.
4. Whole structure is made of metal, firm to use.
Notes 1. We can customize a variety of sizes of products according to
user's requirements.
2. We guarantee high quality and competitive price and ONE YEAR warranty.
3. We have the confidence in providing the professional products that you want. 
For more details, please contact us as soon as possible.
Stainless steel Lab jack
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