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Heating Mantles, Digital Display

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Heating Mantles For Laboratory Use

Unit price(250ml): US $ 59 / Piece
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Heating mantle is a piece of laboratory equipment used to heat containers, mainly flask, Different from other heating devices, such as alcohol burner or Bunsen burners, glassware containers may be placed in direct contact with the heating mantle without substantially increasing the risk of the glassware shattering. In further contrast to other methods of applying heat to a flask, such as an oil bath or water bath, using a heating mantle generates no liquid residue to drip off the flask. Also, heating mantles generally distribute heat evenly over the surface of the flask and exhibit less tendency to generate harmful hotspots.
  Volume Max. Dia Max. Temp Accuracy Weight Power
1 100ml 76mm 380°C  ± 1°C 1.6 100W  220V/50Hz
2 250ml 100mm 1.6 180W  220V/50Hz
3 500ml 115mm 1.6 250W  220V/50Hz
4 1000ml 145mm 2.8 300W  220V/50Hz
5 2000ml 182mm 3.5 500W  220V/50Hz
Heating Mantles
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