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Hand Held Brix Meter With ATC 0-20%

  • Product item:RF002
  • Product price:US $ 12.2 / Piece
Hand Held Brix Meter With ATC 0-20%

Unit price: US $ 12.2 / Piece
50 pieces/carton
Delivery fee is not included

Different solution concentration offers different refractive indexes, this is the design principle of Brix Refractometer (brix meter).
Brix Refractometer is an test instrument to test solution by using light ray, It's a precision optical instrument, 
featuring in simple use, accurate measurement, light weight, small volume and etc. By using Brix Refractometer, 
you can measure percentage of brix/salinity/alcoholic strength and other concentrations in the solution accurately. 
It is used for foodstuff and agricultural scientific reasearch, a widely used laboratory equipment.
1, Specification
Model Brix-10ATC Brix-20ATC Brix-32ATC Brix-50ATC Brix-62ATC Brix-80ATC Brix-90ATC
Testing range 0-10% 0-20% 0-32% 0-50% 28-62% 0-80% 0-90%
Mini. scale 0.1% 0.1% 0.2% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%

2, Packing
Brix Refractometer
Portable Brix Meter
brix meter

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