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HIPS plastic weighing boat

  • Product item:PW034
  • Product price:US $ 0.16 / Piece
HIPS plastic weighing boat
Unit price(Square, Medium): US $ 0.16 / Piece
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Weighing Boat is used to weigh substances that will be transferred to another vessel as well as protect the scale tray.It has a smooth surface with rounded corners which allow controlled pouring of liquid, powdered or granular samples and are made from 100% Polystyrene.Our weighing boats are resistant to dilute acids and bases and chemically inert, they will withstand temperatures up to around 93 degrees Celsius / 200 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used with microwave moisture analyzers. For weighing solids and hot materials, please choose Glass weighing bottle.
 Shape Size Dimensions (mm) Volume (ml) Plastic Anti Static
 Square Small 44x44x7mm 7ml HIPS Yes
Medium 80x80x22mm 100ml HIPS Yes
Big 135x135x24mm 250ml HIPS Yes
Diamond Small 55x35x10mm 5ml HIPS Yes
Medium 85x65x15mm 30ml HIPS Yes
Big 120x100x16mm 100ml HIPS Yes
Boat Small 43x58x13mm 15ml HIPS Yes
Medium 83x132x26mm 120ml HIPS Yes
Big 108x183x26mm 200ml HIPS Yes
weighing boat
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