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Glass alcohol burner, spirit lamp

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Glass alcohol burner, spirit lamp

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An alcohol burner or spirit lamp is a piece of laboratory equipment used to produce an open flame. It can be made from brass, glass, stainless steel or aluminium.Alcohol burners are preferred for some uses over Bunsen burner/Alcohol blast burner for safety purposes. Their flame is limited to approximately two inches (5 centimeters) in height, with a comparatively lower temperature than the gas flame of Bunsen burner/Alcohol blast burner.
While they do not produce flames as hot as other types of burners, they are sufficiently hot for performing some chemistries, standard microbiology laboratory procedures, and can be used for flame sterilization of other laboratory equipment.
Capacity Packing(pcs/carton)
250ml 60
150ml 90
60ml 120
25ml 300
alcohol burner
alcohol burner
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