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Fermentation tube, graduated, on glass foot

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  • Product price:US $ 3.5 / piece
Fermentation tube, graduated, on glass foot

Unit price(10ml): US $ 3.5 / piece
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Fermentation tubes are used to measure gas production in fermentation exercises in the food industry, yeast plants, brewing plants and other industries for the determination of yeast fermentation efficiency, as well as the bacterial hygiene test in medicine, the fermentation test of water, milk, ditch and sewage.Gas produced by yeast or other organisms, and then rise into the evolution tube to show the reading.
Fermentation tubes are available in graduated fermentation tube and ungraduated fermentation tube
Capacity O.D (mm) Tube diameter (mm) Height (mm) Division value(ml)
10ml 16 12 190 0.1
15ml 16 14 220 0.2
20ml 21 16 250 0.2
25ml 21 18 270 0.5
Fermentation tube
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