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20mm Quartz Cuvette

  • Product item:OL013-1
  • Product price:US $ 22 / Pair
20mm Quartz Cuvette, UV VIS Spectrum

Unit price (Standard, 20mm): US $ 22 / Pair
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Quartz cuvette (also known as absorption cell, sample cell) is used to hold reference liquid and sample liquid. Quartz cuvette is mostly matched with spectrophotometers, hemochromin analyzers, particle size analyzers, which used for quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples. Quartz cuvette is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, medicine, food, environmental protection, power plants, water plants , Petroleum and other industries, departments and universities, research institutes, testing, laboratory use. Quartz cuvette is available on both Visible spectrum and Ultra Violet spectrum testing, Glass cuvette is only available on visible spectrum and with much lower price.
Available Optical path (volume): 2mm (700ul), 5mm (1.75ml), 10mm (3.5ml),  20mm (7ml), 30mm (10ml), 50mm (18ml)
  Model A (Economical) Model B (Standard) Model C (Advanced) Model D (Superior)
Visible spectrum
Ultra Violet spectrum
Light transmittance >80% >80% >83% >83%
Assembling Glued Fused Fused Optical contact bonding
Acid and alkali resistance X
Temperature resistance X 600°C 600°C 1200°C
High precision testing X X X
Optical path 20mm
Volume 7ml
Dimensions 12.5mm x 22.5mm x45mm
20mm Quartz Cuvette

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