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1000X Student Biological Microscope XSP-03

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  • Product price:US $ 60 / Piece
1000X Student Biological Microscope XSP-03

Unit price: US $ 60 / Piece
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Key features:
1, sharp image, convenient operation and favorable price,
2, an ideal instrument for medical and sanitary establishments, institutes, colleges and university.
Viewing head Monocular head
Huygens eyepieces 5X, 10X
Achromatic Objectives            10X, 40X, 100X
Stage                   Plain stage with moving scale, stage size 120x120mm
Condenser           N.A=1.25 Abbe condenser Iris diaphragm&filter
Coarse adjustment range 50mm
Fine adjustment range 1.8-2.2mm
IIIumination         Concave-plan reflector diameter 50mm (Led light optional)
Biological Microscope
Biological Microscope XSP-103

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